We have a number of plays which are in ‘residency’ again this year, from Tintagel Castle to Lincoln Castle, and Whitby Abbey to the priory on Lindisfarne.

From the stories of King Arthur, the famous horror of Dracula, the history of the Holy Isle to tales from a Victorian Prison. These family fun performances are on throughout the summer so check out our diary for dates!

The Wholly Island? (Lindesfarne Priory)

Once again the ruins of Lindesfarne Priory will come to life as us tell the story of the Holy Island from the Bronze Age to the Dissolution. Join our rather confused inhabitants as they try to deal with Christian missionaries, hungover stonemasons and changing tide times.

Tales of King Arthur (Tintagel Castle)

In the magical and majestic setting of the ruins of Tintagel Castle a mysterious figure tells his story. Join Merlin, wise man and story teller as he explores some of the incredible tales rooted in this land of legend.

Prison Characters (Lincoln Castle)

The Victorian Prison of Lincoln Castle was active for only 30 years; what was it like to work there? Join our characters as they explain why the prison was built and why it closed and what happened to it after it closed. In addition this year join our C11th Fighting Knights in the exercise yard as they demonstrate the armour, weapons and fighting styles of the soldiers of William the Conqueror.

Dracula (Whitby Abbey)

When, six years ago, we were asked to create, direct and produce a family friendly version of Bram Stoker’s incredible story of Transylvania’s most famous figure, we had no idea that, five years on, it would still be running. But thanks to the talent, commitment and imagination of the three actors who have performed the play come rain or shine, (or in the case of Whitby Abbey – Gale!) ‘Dracula’ has become a regular feature of Whitby's summer. This year we have said a sad farewell to two of our actors, but we have new blood (the count would approve, we are sure). Our new ‘Dracula’ will contain all the same elements as before, with a few new twists and turns.

In addition in October a fourth actor will join the cast for a special performance of Dracula by Night as part of English Heritage’s ‘Illumintated Abbey’ event.

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