New Plays


New Plays for 2017

We have so many new and exciting projects for 2016 we thought would devote a page to them.

Some of them are familiar plays performed for a different audience or in a different style and some are brand spanking new productions. We have been wondering if they could be any more varied and they certainly come under the heading of ‘bespoke’.

So here, listed below, in no particular order, are our new things for this year.

The performance dates are on our diary page.

1066 – Battle Royal

After the huge success of 'We Three Kings' at Battle Abbey, English Heritage have commissioned us again to write a play about this most famous of years. The events of 1066 and in particular the Battle of Hastings is to be a focus for English Heritage events this year and we are very excited to be part of that. We will be putting our individual style to the battles and events that occurred in 1066 specifically so to follow on from 'We Three Kings', which looked at the events and years leading up to the Norman invasion.

Please check out the play's page as this play can be seen at more than one location and event.

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