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Celebrating Thomas Paine

Time Will Tell were invited by the Thomas Paine Festival to create two pieces of promenade theatre to interact with the people of Thetford in their celebrations of Thomas Paine.

We cast our audience as voters in "Yes? Minister!", a light hearted look at a rotten borough election where they had to decide which candidate was the lesser of two evils and "The King's Shilling" where the audience were potential recruits for an unpopular army fighting an expensive war in America. Both pieces, although firmly grounded in the history of late eighteenth century England, drew on modern ressonances to link the past to the present and in both cases the audience really got it!

These plays ranged through the streets and parks of Thetford, with a cast of seven, encouraging the audience to actively participate in the social issues that were close to Thomas Paine’s heart.

These pieces could easily be incorporated into any Georgian event.

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