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Brodsworth at War

We were invited to be part of ‘Duty Calls’, a project that ran for two years in South Yorkshire. ‘Brodsworth at War’ was a part of this larger project at Brodsworth Hall nr Doncaster. In 2013 we brought to life the house during WWII, when the army requisitioned the property, and the family refused to move out. Over a series of events we told the story of how the household survived this intrusion from the arrival of the military in 1940 to the end of the war in 1945.

Similarly last year we looked at the Great War, and followed the stories of the family and servants through the war years. Using detailed research provided by the house curators we blended the intimate stories of those who lived on the estate with the national story of Britain from 1914-1918. From the recruiting of the young men from the estate, a wartime wedding, to the return of those who fought for King and country.

This year we return to the house to take part in a series of smaller events looking at the house during the 1860’s as a new owner puts his mark on this beautiful grand home.

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